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19:50 26-11-2018
JoAnne Richards
My dad played tenor sax for 60-some yrs until his death in '97. He loved Stan, Trane, Desmond, Stanley Turrentine, Scott Hamilton and Pete Christlieb, among others. I love discovering the sounds of these players now on YouTube and Music Choice.
Scott fills my soul with his straight-up fluidity and bluesiness. Thanks Scott.
23:08 23-11-2018
Hello Mr.Hamilton,
Do you have a gig in Japan in near future?
Thanks,Michy from Japan.
23:07 23-11-2018
Hello Mr.Hamilton,
Do you have a gig in Japan in near future?
Thanks,Michy from Japan.
16:02 30-10-2018
Dear Sirs, I would like to be inform about dates and gigs of Mr. Hamilton in Italy. Unfortunately on this site there isn't a mailing list to subscribe to.
Thanking you in advance, Sincerely Mauro
23:12 24-10-2018
Here in San Fran you have a devote admirer. I constantly listen at your records for inspiration in my music.
16:44 24-10-2018
Dear Scott,

I want to thank you for your jazz and sax sound, being an example for me and to fuell my passion for the saxophone every day again. Can't stop listning.

Eef from Holland
19:32 01-10-2018
Sandy Struble
Please contact me about any upcoming concerts or live shows in which Scott Hamilton might be performing . I just can't make it to Oslo this November, and I could not find any other listings. I hope to see him perform.
20:04 29-09-2018
Del Paramor
Fan of yours for years. Looking forward to meeting you on Thursday at the Thalia, Augsburg!

Del Paramor
17:21 29-08-2018
Claudio Cruz
I'd like to know your itinerary please.
15:39 22-08-2018
Hi Scott, I'm always impressed with your no nonsense improvisations. I can always hear the melody. Some players get so far away from developing the tune, and are more concerned with "look how fast or outside I can play".

Many thanks for just being you and not being swayed into the current "hip" thing.

20:05 20-08-2018
Daniel Marinaro
Scott I can listen to you all day!! I am an architect who was born into music by my late father who played the sax. I have been a drummer my whole life and still play, but recently decided to give the saxophone a shot. Love your sound and music, thank you for the inspiration.
23:45 01-08-2018
Thank you for this moment in Andernos.
Thank you album : https://flic.kr/s/aHsmg9vhXG
Best regards.

22:31 30-07-2018
Just heard your music - in heaven. Do you tour?
14:16 27-07-2018
hi everybody i just became to know the sax solos of Scott Hamilton. Every note is perfect great moody sound! regards from Basel switzerland ! Philipp
13:11 12-06-2018
Alp Insel
Hi Mr. Hamilton,
I,m Alp from Turkey and I'm 16 years old jazz saxophone player and I'm playing for 8 years. I studied jazz theory and improvisation techniques in a music school in Istanbul. Recently I'm listening to your recordings and in a very near future I'm planing to come to New York for a couple of days. I wonder if you are interested to make some private saxophone lessons with me in New York. Hope to hear from you soon..
Best Regards,
Alp Insel
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