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17:45 12-10-2019
Eystein Ebeltoft
Scott: please please please please come to Oslo some day...thanks (on behalf of everyone who loves your work and talent
14:22 11-10-2019
Rich Beamish
Was thinking about Prez this morning and started remembering the good times....Thanks!
02:46 22-09-2019
Happy Birthday! I have just bought your tickets at Swing Hall in Musashino, Tokyo on 4th Nov. for my sister and my nephew. They are very pleased, unfortunately I live in London now then I will not be able to join them. I do hope that you will come to London!
21:25 16-09-2019
emanuel da silva
Parabéns pela bela sonoridade! Sou muito fã da sua obra.
20:58 12-09-2019
Suzanne Rose
Happy Birthday, Mr Hamilton! Hope to have you back in the Stockholm area soon.
01:09 12-09-2019
James Walney
Happy Birthday and keep that swing in the Jazz that only you can play.
My best,
James a life long fan
23:53 25-08-2019
Donald Whitlow
You know, you get to a certain age and sometimes you wonder why you're even still around. -Seen it all, done it all. Then, out of the blue, something new! This morning, I was in one of those funks and then I hear Bésame Mucho (live version) and the Scott Hamilton Quartet for the very first time...totally blew me away! Now, this evening, I'm catching up on your whole amazing catalog. I absolutely love your sound, man, and your whole band. Thanks for just the shot of human exceptionalism and inspiration I needed today.
05:10 10-08-2019
Just listening to your album with Gene Harris, "At Last." Your playing is wonderful! What a group that must have been to work with! Your version of "After You've Gone" is truly amazing. God bless.
08:56 27-05-2019
James Hamilton
Really enjoy your music. The song Cop out, and your version of Autumn Leaves are my favorites. You have the best sound ever.
09:53 23-05-2019
Franz Windbüchler
I play myself Tenorsaxophone and i am happy to see and hear you on 30.06.2019 in Vienna with Andre Weiß Trio. You are a inspiration for Sax-Player.
Your Franz Windbüchler
18:59 12-05-2019
Denis Borenstein
Greetings from a Brazilian fan!!! I hope you´ll come to Brazil soon. Many thanks for the beautiful tone from you sax. It´s the perfect soundtrack for a wine dinner!!!
15:04 23-04-2019
Hey Scott - like you, I am in my mid-60s. But back in my 20's, I worked at Lupo's in Providence! I saw you play a gig there. And I recall seeing you at a small club in San Francisco, a couple decades ago or more. I introduced myself during one of your breaks and we briefly talked about Lupo's/Providence, etc. You were kind and welcoming, which I remember and appreciated. Just wanted to say a quick thanks for a few decades of listening pleasure!
20:03 20-03-2019
Michael Gray
Wonderful to hear you play and as an Intermediate Adult Tenor player, I'm grateful to have access to your recordings and youtube video to learn from. So looking forward to seeing you live. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world.
21:28 10-03-2019
Gene Martin
Love to play your music on WMFV 89.5 FM Orlando FL.
Mon-Fri 10 AM Wmfv.org. I am old Tenor Man from the 50"s
Gene Martin 352 615 9885
16:15 04-03-2019
Bill Cox
Heard you on "Jamboree @ Barcelona" C.D. What you do with, for, and to a tenor sax, and the results, should be "X" rated. You gave this old man (87) his heart and ears back. Many thanks.
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