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17:46 18-02-2020
Mogens Carstensen
Hello Scott. Love your tone. Which mouthpiece do you use?
22:43 20-01-2020
Kevin Haines
Hello Scott. Played Bass for you a couple of times in New Zealand. Saw you playing on YouTube and felt I wanted to get in touch. I am still playing and have very fond memories of us playing together.
Kind regards
Kevin Haines
12:36 12-01-2020
Candice M Will
I love your music, Scott. I am an American living in Dublin for the year. Do you have any Dublin gigs coming up?
15:58 18-10-2019
Al DeCaro
Scott.....I enjoy listening to you playing with the Spain musicians....Andrea Motis, Ignassi and Joan C. I will try to find out when you'll be in the USA and come to hear you. Best regards.
17:45 12-10-2019
Eystein Ebeltoft
Scott: please please please please come to Oslo some day...thanks (on behalf of everyone who loves your work and talent
14:22 11-10-2019
Rich Beamish
Was thinking about Prez this morning and started remembering the good times....Thanks!
02:46 22-09-2019
Happy Birthday! I have just bought your tickets at Swing Hall in Musashino, Tokyo on 4th Nov. for my sister and my nephew. They are very pleased, unfortunately I live in London now then I will not be able to join them. I do hope that you will come to London!
21:25 16-09-2019
emanuel da silva
Parabéns pela bela sonoridade! Sou muito fã da sua obra.
20:58 12-09-2019
Suzanne Rose
Happy Birthday, Mr Hamilton! Hope to have you back in the Stockholm area soon.
01:09 12-09-2019
James Walney
Happy Birthday and keep that swing in the Jazz that only you can play.
My best,
James a life long fan
23:53 25-08-2019
Donald Whitlow
You know, you get to a certain age and sometimes you wonder why you're even still around. -Seen it all, done it all. Then, out of the blue, something new! This morning, I was in one of those funks and then I hear Bésame Mucho (live version) and the Scott Hamilton Quartet for the very first time...totally blew me away! Now, this evening, I'm catching up on your whole amazing catalog. I absolutely love your sound, man, and your whole band. Thanks for just the shot of human exceptionalism and inspiration I needed today.
05:10 10-08-2019
Just listening to your album with Gene Harris, "At Last." Your playing is wonderful! What a group that must have been to work with! Your version of "After You've Gone" is truly amazing. God bless.
08:56 27-05-2019
James Hamilton
Really enjoy your music. The song Cop out, and your version of Autumn Leaves are my favorites. You have the best sound ever.
09:53 23-05-2019
Franz Windbüchler
I play myself Tenorsaxophone and i am happy to see and hear you on 30.06.2019 in Vienna with Andre Weiß Trio. You are a inspiration for Sax-Player.
Your Franz Windbüchler
18:59 12-05-2019
Denis Borenstein
Greetings from a Brazilian fan!!! I hope you´ll come to Brazil soon. Many thanks for the beautiful tone from you sax. It´s the perfect soundtrack for a wine dinner!!!
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