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18:23 22-04-2018
Frank Wilner
Scott, love your playing..been listening to you for years & playing you often on my jazz shows(radio) here in Concord,N.H. Just ordered your recording that you made with Rossano Sportiello in Vancouver..also love your work with Champian Fulton & your involvement with the Chamorro groups in Barcelona..and how I dig Andrea Motis.you are the Ben Webster of our times..so incredibly good...thanks for all the musical joy you bring..best wishes, Frank
14:27 15-04-2018
Keith Taylor
Scott, I wanted to be certain to share this with you since your interpretation of Skylark was what first brought you to my attention, and is what I very much tried to emulate in this two-year multi-media wedding anniversary present for my wife:


And if you're curious to know more about how I discovered you and your version of it:

I randomly clicked on a "tenor sax giants" video on YouTube one night when I was about to fall asleep a couple of years back - while listening to music on my headphones. I wasn't watching it, just listening. Until the part where you are playing Skylark started playing in it...

I still can't quite put my finger on why your sound spoke to me that night, and continues to do so, though. Out of all the other great players in that video (Hawkins, Webster, Getz, Dexter, Sonny Rollins etc) that are much more well known than you, but it was you playing Skylark in that video that made me open my eyes and see who it was playing, and then start listening to more of your stuff.

And this video I've done for my wife, well, one of the licks that stood out to me most that you play in your version is what you play here:


I love the pattern you play and then how you play down the horn chromatically - and then hit the low Bb - which to me serves as kind of a period at the end of the musical sentence you had just played.

That's why I worked that specific phrase into my version as best I could. I never got it where I can play it as cleanly and in time as you do on my own, nor am I able to hit the low Bb with the right amount of finesse yet. To me, in my version, it's a bit too honky and/or loud. But I did get it close and can play it much better when I'm playing along with you as kind of a guide. Here is a direct link to that same part with me playing it:


So yeah, your sound /style is a big inspiration to me and is something I will continue to try and emulate as I gain experience in regards to playing ballads.

...and I wish you toured here in the United States more. I'd love to hear you perform live and meet you at some point.

Thank you so much for the inspiration, and I hope you enjoy and appreciate my effort to emulate your style in the video, even though I ran out of time to work more of your licks into it, and improve upon my sound/intonation before having to record it.

I'll keep on working on it!

Keith Taylor
09:44 08-04-2018
Lawrence Kershen
That was a gem of a concert last night! The little theatre in Marcialla was a perfect setting, and your creativity, virtuosity and swing was a delight - we couldn't keep still! The ensemble playing and rapport with the other players was wonderful and with such musicianship. Thank you so much.
09:43 08-04-2018
Lawrence Kershen
That was a gem of a concert last night! The little theatre in Marcialla was a perfect setting, and your creativity, virtuosity and swing was a delight - we couldn't keep still! The ensemble playing and rapport with the other players was wonderful and with such musicianship. Thank you so much.
13:05 20-03-2018
courtney church
HI - I am trying to look at Scotts availability for May 22 in Boston. Can someone call me 617-450-0600 or email me
THANKS -Courtney
01:55 18-03-2018
Paul Hoffman
Funny to take up jazz improvisation in my sixties, and after three years, 2000 hours of practice, and a zillion hours of listening, the pro who resonates with my musical sensibilities the most is from my town. All the Best to you Scott.
22:33 17-03-2018
Bill Patterson
Hi Scott - I'm a 70-something tenor player whose goal is to play anywhere close to the way you play. Like you, I love backing singers. I have been reluctant to travel by air with my horn for fear of what the airlines will force me to do with my horn. Do you have a special case for your horn so you can travel Europe and the states? Also, how do you handle repairs on the road? I understand that your bookings in the states are rare these days, but would love to see you in the Pacific Northwest some day.

10:15 23-02-2018
Dana Carpineto
I remember back in the 70`s when Scott stayed at my house in Beverly Mass after a gig at Sandys Jazz Revival...My dad was a police officer working there that night....glad to see you are still doing great......do you ever get to Atlanta GA...Dana Carpineto
03:25 20-02-2018
susan razzano
scott,thank you for talkingabout your faith!!! I am also a child of the KING!!! i LOVE jESUS! i WAS A VERY ACTIVE athletic woman,skiing professional, grandmother and wood turning artist. untl6 yrs ago GOD DECIDED THAT MAYBE I was a bit proud and took all away with a massive stroke I stilld esire to serve my LORD and savior.....I am struggling!!, stillparilized on my whole left side, myhusband of 47 years has cared for me 24/7 these 6 years! because he has promised god to do so!my e-mail has not been working well, you can try an I will evenually get it
Susan Razzano
Wilsall, MT
13:52 22-12-2017
Mike Shaw
Hey Scott -
Just started listening to you on the Joan Chamorro videos. Really enjoying your work, and it's inspirational. I play flute.

Happy Holidays!
11:39 15-12-2017
I love jazz and love your saxophone playing. You are truly a master of jazz! Love from Winchester, Virginia USA
16:37 11-12-2017
Neil White
My son, Harry Kinross White, is a classical sax player living, performing and teaching in Zurich. After Harry, you are my favorite. I especially enjoy your solo on Just Friends from the Concord Super Band II LP, recorded in Tokyo on December 5, 1979. Is there any way you could get Concord to issue this album on CD? I have followed your work over the years and have many of your albums, but this one cut remains my favorite and the solo I consider your best work. In following you on youtube, I discovered Andrea Motis and Jean Chamorro. Thank you from an old long-time admirer of your work
04:16 11-12-2017
Augustine Colin Adam
Hi Scott,

Thanks for being my inspirations and idol.

Sincerely from Sarawak, Malaysia
09:53 09-12-2017
Hi Scott hope you are well and still making that horn purr. I keep missing your gigs in uk and would love to hear you live again as it's been way too long. I think you reside in Italy now and since I am touring on vacation in Italy in June 2018 wondered if you are playing over there at that time. If not have you got any future uk dates arranged that you could advise me of. Thank you for continuing to be a great inspiration to my playing. Kind regards Derrick.
21:41 01-12-2017
george ewanick
Dear Mr. Hamilton......I just wanted to tell you how much your improvisation on the Desifinado break has moved me...it's the one you play with the Spanish girls (who are both amazing)...I noticed the song is inE flat concert...normally F...probably for the vocalist...your ideas on the solo are brilliant and flow perfectly, and your bassist and guitarist were loving your lines...thanks...would love to hear a small reply but would understand you are very busy..also you did justice to Cherokee with Jake on drums...verse after verse,,,beautiful..Cheers....George Ewanick... Nova Scotia...on fbook.
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