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14:36 29-05-2017
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14:57 24-05-2017
(From Catalonia, Barcelona)
Salut Scott,
Estic descobrint-te i m'encanta moltíssim la teva manera tan clara de fel els solos. T'he conegut per les teves actuacions amb l'Andrea Motis, i des de llavors no puc deixar de seguir-te.
Has estat una font nova d'energia per a mi.
Moltes gràcies per fer-ho tot tan agradable, natural, amb sentiment, tant fàcil i bonic a l'hora.
Rep una abraçada des de Barcelona (Catalonia)
08:42 24-05-2017
bobby G.....
i don't have Zoot anymore ... Then i discovered Scott Hamilton and just try to emulate his sound and style .. he has become my new teacher although I'm probably older than scott... but love his choice of tunes and so some in my own quartet .. Just wanting to compliment him and his style which i appreciate .. bobby G.... Tenor man ..
17:02 16-05-2017
Alan King
As a lowly semi pro tenor player from Devon in England, I just want to tell you how inspired I am by your beautiful tone and interpretations. Love hearing and watching you with Andrea Motis covering Summertime. Thank you for giving us such stunning work to listen to, marvel at and enjoy and begging my Mk 6 to come out with a similar sound! Alan
15:53 25-04-2017
jerry steyger
21:09 22-04-2017

I thought you'd like to see this video that I created for my wife as a one year anniversary project in which I mention you by name:


Your sound is my favorite of all the tenor sax ballad players - and I discovered it by chance on YouTube. One night I clicked on a video titled "jazz tenor sax giants. part 1" and just was listening to it on my headphones and not actually watching it - until I heard you in it playing Skylark. Not sure why, but your sound really grabbed my attention, which is saying something considering the other players featured in that video. I haven't been able to get enough of your playing since.

Now that I've actually finished the project for my wife I've started working on learning Skylark myself due to your recording of it. If I can get to a point to where I can play it one day even half as well as you I'll be over the moon.

So, thank you for being a great inspiration. I hope to one day hear you play live, and will keep an eye out for any tours you do here in America.


Keith Taylor
18:57 01-04-2017

where i can check your gig-show dates?

Ariela from Buenos Aires , Argentina
14:56 31-03-2017
William Brown
Hi Scott, we met a 21 years ago in Minnesota, I doubt you remember. But I am glad to see your doing well and making great music.
05:07 31-03-2017
Isaac Pagan
Scott has such a Great tone, sound and one that I look for.
21:35 20-03-2017
David Turney
Do you have any future bookings in Boston. We are starved for good jazz.
18:31 17-03-2017
Hi Mr. Hamilton, I was wondering if you would tour the US again, and if you would ever come to Kansas City, MO - I'm sure Kansas Citians would really dig you. I'm a jazz sax player and you are one of my favorites to listen to; I love your sound and style. Hope all is well in Europe.

04:10 17-03-2017
I love your sound and swing man!
You're one of my favorite sax players ever. Any chances to see you playing in Seattle?

20:14 05-03-2017
t j neff
Scott, Are you touring and if so please advise of your schedule.
Love to see / hear you in person.

12:18 23-02-2017
Thomas Franck
Fabulous music
15:55 09-02-2017
Faith Kimball
Listened to you playing "Nearness of You" this morning and it made my day. If you have a tour schedule you could share with us, we'd love to see a live performance. Thanks for sharing your music!
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