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14:45 07-11-2017
Kittikun Tedkum
Dear MR.Hamilton
I play Saxophone anD IF ake my Hero.? top Saxophonist for me.
You,Scott Hamilton You are my inspiration.Good Sound Good Line ever.
write From Thailand
16:00 08-10-2017
Dear Scott,
By chance, finding something for a quiet evening study I found your track soldier. Amazing. I never liked jezz but you changed it. I am very grateful to you. From now on, programming science can not be without you. Thank you very much. Your new fan from Lublin, Poland.
05:38 19-09-2017
David Skorupski
Dave Skorupski
Hi Scott. Your playing is an inspiration, I never can get enough. I've watched your you tube videos many, many times. Keep playing, good luck.
22:08 17-08-2017
Edward Sanchez
I discovered you by accident just like discovered Joan Chamorro and little Andrea. I have been hooked on your music ever since. I am a life long drummer, started at 12 doing club work and never looked back. I play Blues and am trying to learn JAZZ. I've loved Jazz since I was about 6 yrs old. I'm 64 now and would love to make your acquaintance. Maybe I can save enough to go to Italy and pay you a visit. A very big fan of your's, Ed Sanchez 575-405-9228. Las Cruces, NM
02:16 15-08-2017
Marisol Prada
I have being playing the thenor sax for about 10 years but I have a great difficulty in improvisation. Can you give me some tips or anything can help me?
Thanks. I am your fan
18:29 06-08-2017
Steve Zukowsky
You old-school style and approach is much appreciated by us sax hobbyists here in NE Florida as a group of us still listen to many of the tenor sax greats from the 30s, 40s and 50s. Any future plans for an American tour with Duke Robillard or any of the other Roomful of Blues alumni?
14:18 01-08-2017
Howard Anders
Thank you so much Scott. Only just recently "discovered" you on Youtube playing with Joanne Chamoro, Andrea Motis, and a number of other wonderful, talented & passionate musicians from Barcelona. Absolutely wonderful, inspired and inspiring music. I just *have* to track down some CD's and DVD's and purchase them.
Thanks heaps from a new fan!
07:42 16-07-2017
00:39 10-07-2017
Douglas Bailey
Scott - We met Rossano Sportiello last night at a gig he played here in Reston, Virginia. The topic came up that we had just returned from 6 weeks in Italy, including attending the Cena Medievale in Certaldo in June. You can imagine the surprise when he said his good friend lived there! (We were married at the Palazzo Pretorio in Certaldo in 2013.)
I have been listening to your music since seeing you in Seattle at the Pioneer Bank/Jazz Alley. The days of the red high-top Converse. Will look for an opportunity to see/hear you perform in Italy. Would be great to say hello in Certaldo at some point. We expect to move to Italy permanently in the near future, (Le Marche area). A presto,
15:54 03-07-2017
Steve Kelly
Hello Scott, I saw you last night in Vancouver. I'm an even bigger fan than before! Thanks,
17:36 31-05-2017
Dear Scott,
I wish to thank you for your playing on Turin last week at Capolinea n°8...it has been really interesting to hear you and your saxophone.....for me it was the first time in "live version" (...I mean not only cd's and youtube). I wanna thank you also for your availability to talk to me during the brake. It has been really interesting and constructive to understand your way of thinking when you are playing (structure of the songs etc...). The day after, when I played my saxophone at home, I was inspired from your sound and I have to say..."it works". I hope we can stay in contact during your next visit to Turin and may be you could arrange your trip by considering to play also one night with the big band I am playing with. It could be really great to have you as a guest ! I think you are one of the best saxophone player! Thanks again and I hope to get your reply.
14:36 29-05-2017
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14:57 24-05-2017
(From Catalonia, Barcelona)
Salut Scott,
Estic descobrint-te i m'encanta moltíssim la teva manera tan clara de fel els solos. T'he conegut per les teves actuacions amb l'Andrea Motis, i des de llavors no puc deixar de seguir-te.
Has estat una font nova d'energia per a mi.
Moltes gràcies per fer-ho tot tan agradable, natural, amb sentiment, tant fàcil i bonic a l'hora.
Rep una abraçada des de Barcelona (Catalonia)
08:42 24-05-2017
bobby G.....
i don't have Zoot anymore ... Then i discovered Scott Hamilton and just try to emulate his sound and style .. he has become my new teacher although I'm probably older than scott... but love his choice of tunes and so some in my own quartet .. Just wanting to compliment him and his style which i appreciate .. bobby G.... Tenor man ..
17:02 16-05-2017
Alan King
As a lowly semi pro tenor player from Devon in England, I just want to tell you how inspired I am by your beautiful tone and interpretations. Love hearing and watching you with Andrea Motis covering Summertime. Thank you for giving us such stunning work to listen to, marvel at and enjoy and begging my Mk 6 to come out with a similar sound! Alan
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