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16:32 12-10-2020
Tom Hampton
Hello Scott. I just wanted to wish you good luck in this covid age. I know it has to be tough. I am a long time fan having first heard you on the Maxine Sullivan cd's and have since collected some of your stuff. Love your sound and am so glad to see you mentoring these wonderful Spanish kids playing Count Basie tunes. Thanks for passing the torch Scott and hope to see you back on tour someday soon..
21:11 12-09-2020
Michelle Zarin
Happy Birthday Scott. May all your dreams come true. What took me all these years to find you??!! Managed Record Plant Recording Studios and 20 yrs managing Tower of Power. Saw you first with Joan Chamborro and Andrea Motis. I loved you immediately! I'm very emotional about music and your soul came thru to me instantly. Take care, stay safe, have a wonderful day. Michelle Zarin
05:14 05-09-2020
Marc Hinkley
Hi Scott! It's Marc Hinkley from the Sunday nights at Eddie Condon's in NYC sketching you and band. Hope all is well. Happy Birthday! Mine is the day before yours, Sept 11. If you get this message I would love to hear from you. Miss hearing and seeing you live!
18:08 07-08-2020
Elizabeth Guilbeault
Bonjour Scott,
I thank you for 'seriously' keeping me company (sane?) during covid house rules! Your playing stops me in my tracks at times...Laura, with young Elsa Armengou is one of those pieces which I love to hear morning, noon and night! Merci du fond du coeur...i hope to one day see you at the Montreal Jazz Festival!
06:22 01-07-2020
Just a note to thank you for the years of music you have provided. Recently listening to your many recordings with Joan Chamorro and his Jazz Kids...your solos are smooth and thoughtful and your accompaniments subtle and supportive. mike
02:10 30-06-2020
Jose Pedro Silva
Please update me on concert/performance tours
09:55 14-05-2020
Hi Scott,
I live in London, and have seen you live many, many times at the Pizza Express Jazz Club at Soho, at Pinner Parish Church and at Pinner Synagogue.
On every occasion I have got you to sign a CD for me.
I am enjoying your music during this lock down period, and reminiscing about many happy evenings spent listening to you and your quartet live - Dave Green, John Pearce and Steve Brown.
I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well during these unprecedented times.
I look forward to attending many more of your live performances.
Take care!!
23:53 12-05-2020
Olof I
Hello, Scott! Your music has been a huge inspiration for me and my saxophone playing, and has led me to pursue further music studies. I now study jazz at the university in Malmö. I recently transcribed a solo of yours from the swedish ballads album and i would really appreciate if you would check it out.
Kind regards, Olof
20:14 07-05-2020
George Stalle
Didn't finish that thought! I meant to say "and, of course, George Wein" -- for whom I worked at Festival Productions.

Thanks for getting back to me.
George Stalle
20:12 07-05-2020
George Stalle
Hi, Scott,
Not sure if you remember me, I was your road manager for the Fall 1982 of the Newport Jazz Festival All Stars with Ruby, Ed Hubble, Oliver Jackson, Slam Stewart and, of course. I'm writing up some career memories, one of those being that tour and was wondering if you might email me at gstalle@comcast.net and allow me to check some factual details of that trip? Would appreciate it so much! Hope you are well and still swingin'!
All the best,
George Stalle
Roswell, GA
01:05 05-05-2020
dany martinez
Dear Scott, I olny want to say you that you with your art makes me feel motivated to continue my saxophone studies and developement, from patagonia argentina i send you a big hug and thank you for you extraordinarie music!
17:29 26-04-2020
Anthony Wolff
I echo the sentiments of Wendell Harelson below as I have seen you play many times with Joan Chamorro's TALENTED group of youngsters. What a joy to hear you accompany such talented youngsters such as Andrea Mottis (Summertime), Alba Amengou (Shiny Stockings), Elsa Amengou, Rita Peyes, Elia Bastida (Star Dust shine) and the fabulous pianist, Ignasi Terraza. I wanted to see you at Pizza Express in April, but so sad it was cancelled. I hope things will clear up soon and you will be playing again. So please keep us informed on your website about upcoming gigs. Keep playing, we miss you, you are one of the greats!
14:54 23-03-2020
Wendell Harrelson
Hi Scott, I am a 74-year-old tenor sax/fender jazz bassist from Georgia, and I just this year began listening to you through the YouTube videos with Andrea Motis and Joan Chamorro. Your phrasing is so intelligent and interesting and impressive and done in such a relaxed demeanor. You now top my list of jazz sax influences that include Stan Getz, Zoot Sims, Plas Johnson, George Young and Boots Randolph. Thanks from a Jazz admirer for the opportunity to listen to you.
21:52 18-03-2020
Al Zion
I am an 80 year old tenor player, still gigging, who really appreciates what you do on. Have been following you for years and try to play a little bit of you in all my solos
22:00 26-02-2020
Suat Gulec
Dear Scott,

This Suat Gulec, The Turkish guy! I have known you from Miami days year 1977 through 1981 when I went UM. Those days, you had mustache!! Most probably, you dont remember me. But, you have always been my most favorite. I still have your album TenorShoes! Meanwhile; Joan Chamurro is awesome too. I got to meet him in person last year in Vail. I know you play with him quite a bit. All the best to you, Scott! You are the best!
Suat Gulec
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