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20:04 29-09-2018
Del Paramor
Fan of yours for years. Looking forward to meeting you on Thursday at the Thalia, Augsburg!

Del Paramor
17:21 29-08-2018
Claudio Cruz
I'd like to know your itinerary please.
15:39 22-08-2018
Hi Scott, I'm always impressed with your no nonsense improvisations. I can always hear the melody. Some players get so far away from developing the tune, and are more concerned with "look how fast or outside I can play".

Many thanks for just being you and not being swayed into the current "hip" thing.

20:05 20-08-2018
Daniel Marinaro
Scott I can listen to you all day!! I am an architect who was born into music by my late father who played the sax. I have been a drummer my whole life and still play, but recently decided to give the saxophone a shot. Love your sound and music, thank you for the inspiration.
23:45 01-08-2018
Thank you for this moment in Andernos.
Thank you album : https://flic.kr/s/aHsmg9vhXG
Best regards.

22:31 30-07-2018
Just heard your music - in heaven. Do you tour?
14:16 27-07-2018
hi everybody i just became to know the sax solos of Scott Hamilton. Every note is perfect great moody sound! regards from Basel switzerland ! Philipp
13:11 12-06-2018
Alp Insel
Hi Mr. Hamilton,
I,m Alp from Turkey and I'm 16 years old jazz saxophone player and I'm playing for 8 years. I studied jazz theory and improvisation techniques in a music school in Istanbul. Recently I'm listening to your recordings and in a very near future I'm planing to come to New York for a couple of days. I wonder if you are interested to make some private saxophone lessons with me in New York. Hope to hear from you soon..
Best Regards,
Alp Insel
21:47 04-06-2018
gene martin
Would like to know model and year of Scotts tenor. Gene.
23:42 19-05-2018
alvaro luiz de brito
ola boa tarde eu adoro jazz eu toco guitar, fico feliz por voces
16:18 14-05-2018
Your solos..do you write solos out? I was a student with George Garzone and he would have us write out solo's and various solo patterns. DO you do this or have you just got so much in your mental library that you can just call up solos and have your ears take over. How about pitch - I talked with Harry Allen one day he said he had perfect pitch. Do you have this if so is it a burden? I notice that you adjust your mouth piece a lot during a show, is it intonation or are you not happy with how the air flows? I have so many questions! Sorry to bore you .
09:33 07-05-2018
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10:23 02-05-2018
Thomos Grye
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05:34 27-04-2018
Eva Tihanyi
Scott, I love your music! Hope to hear you live one day!
13:28 26-04-2018
Frans Kafoe
Hi Scott I would like to thank you for the great evening last Tuesday at The Avenue in Breda. Especially the moment in the break that I spoke to you in person and you signed a few records that my father left me after he died in 1985. It was a special moment for me because he already was a big fan of you and he never could see in person. And there I stood it was completely crazy.
I will never forget that moment. I hope to hear you play more often in one or other occasion here in the Netherlands
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