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04:10 17-03-2017
I love your sound and swing man!
You're one of my favorite sax players ever. Any chances to see you playing in Seattle?

20:14 05-03-2017
t j neff
Scott, Are you touring and if so please advise of your schedule.
Love to see / hear you in person.

12:18 23-02-2017
Thomas Franck
Fabulous music
15:55 09-02-2017
Faith Kimball
Listened to you playing "Nearness of You" this morning and it made my day. If you have a tour schedule you could share with us, we'd love to see a live performance. Thanks for sharing your music!
19:19 07-02-2017
Tom Mayo
I have been following your work for some 30 yrs.
Keep up the great work.

Many Thanks, Tom
15:55 08-01-2017
Alan Taylor
Just back from your gig in Chelmsford today. Quite magnificent! You and the boys blew us away today thank you, thank you all so much. Still buzzin'
17:20 04-01-2017
Allan Vache
10002 Creekwater Blvd.
Sent you a message on Facebook. Want to see if you would be interested in playing our jazz cruise in January 2018 out of Miami. I'll give you the details when we talk. Email me or call me at 407-491-2784. Thanks, Allan Vaché
21:05 16-12-2016
The humble Farmer
Still playing the CDs Carl Jefferson sent me (by way of your father in Port Clyde). Although, in 2006 after 29 years on Maine Public Radio, I got kicked off the air for being a Democrat, The humble Farmer now airs in NYC. --- And my TV show goes into around a million homes in several states. So a lot of people get to hear the things you were playing 25 years ago. I probably have all of your solos from those CDs committed to memory, so I have you in my head and can play you at will. I know you keep a low profile but would like to interview you one last time if you ever get to Port Clyde again. Thank you for hanging in there with the changes. The humble Farmer
23:22 03-12-2016
Liz P. Van Dusen
Hi Scott! Listening to Live at Smalls. Didn't want another year to pass without writing. My other resolutions sank like the Titanic. Wow, you've been prolific! Last time I saw you was in Pittsburgh with my husband Clint at The Balcony. Passed your old house on C Street as I helped my mother now 90 move to Vermont. Fond memories of your mother, father and sister. Niece lives in Narni.
Love Rossano and you. Liz
15:38 24-11-2016
Hi Scott,
I subscribed jazzradio.com, the Play your ballads every day. I enjoy your phrasing and your deep thinking melancholism. I myself practice alto and consider you as my Idol.
I hope to see you somtimes somewhere in Germany or Hungary.
Best wishes
04:53 22-11-2016
william Rowell
Wondering if you ever hear from Fred Bates. I left RI in 81 and haven't heard from him in years. Be nice to track him down.

Still enjoy you music along with the Roomful sounds. I get everyone at work turned on to it. Keep grooving.
06:19 07-11-2016

still enjoying your music which I have on CDs since the late 80tees!
Keep on Jazzing!
Kind regards KLAUS
14:32 06-11-2016
Hi Scott, I'm really happy to see you on december 2 at la Contessa jazz club. I' ll drive from Rome and I have already booked two seats just front line....All the best and bop on...
09:37 04-11-2016
Nancy W. McCracken
What was the name of the club in NYC that you played and I watched it on computer? And there was a wonderful snowshoe siamese cat that hung out at the piano? Are you going to be in states any time soon? Love to all, Nancy
14:34 30-10-2016
Bob Jones
Used to sit in Condon's and listen to you on many, many occasions. Still enjoying your recordings. As a saxophonist, I enjoy your playing and your magnificent sound!
Thanks for all you've done.
Bob Jones
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