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13:29 27-02-2016
Krie de Ruyte
My mail adress
Some information:-)
I have contacts with organiser Festival Gulbenkian in Lisbon mr Neves
13:16 27-02-2016
Krie de Ruyte
Dear Scott
I hope you remember me I am Krie, Your concert in Jazzblub Lokeren in Belgiuml
And in Sheraton Airport Brussels a lot of .years ago Now, I am living in Portugal Algarve
How are you doing , and are you still living in Italy?
Jazzy greetz from Krie
17:23 20-02-2016
JIMMY Gregoire
17:34 13-02-2016
Tom Mahfood
Dear Scott, I'm a local musician from Westerly RI area. I used to be friends with a guy name Steve Beal, who gave me a tape of Arnett Cobb at Block Island 1973. Steve always said that you were at that gig, and I'm wondering if you where the second tenor with Cobb on that and who is the drummer and piano player were. I managed to get it from tape to CD, and If you'd like a copy of the CD I'll send you one. Let me know. The only other people I'll give it to our Chuck Riggs and Fox Mills, my guitar player. Sincerely, Tom
21:31 10-02-2016
John O'Meara
Appreciate your playing more and more as the years go by. Saw you first with Woody Herman in 1980s. Hope to see you next week in the Bay Area. Keep on! We love you.
09:34 07-02-2016
Thomas Geese
Dear Scott, I`m just listening to your record with Jeff Hamilton. One more great record by the great Scott Hamilton!
Keep swinging!

10:46 03-02-2016
Oleg Ignashkin
Dear Scott, we are your old friends from St.Petersburg Oleg and Ludmilla. We love you from 1977,you are the best tenorman all over the world.We have almost all your LP,CD,DVD and videos and enjoy your inimitable sound of your sax every day.Andrea Motis is the marvel!Drop a couple words to us.Hugs! Oleg & Ludmilla.
02:30 03-02-2016
Im an aspiring tenor player and a senior in highschool with a passion for jazz...and man do i love what you play you have this smooth tone like no other and you are just an inspiration to me and i hope one day to possibly see you play somewhere.
Sincerly, billy
20:39 23-01-2016
Where can I find your concert schedule? I would love to see him live!!
17:32 21-01-2016
Joe Vitale
Just discovered you and LOVE your smooth tone. Buying all your albums now. Keep playing. You're an inspiration. Thank you.
14:52 18-01-2016
paul wasilewski
when are you coming to phila. pa. area to play
23:27 17-01-2016
Accomplished gig as always at Ipswich Jazz Club today. Respect!
00:36 17-01-2016
Hi Scott,
Just heard you, Dave Green, John Pearce, and Steve Brown at Pinner Parish Church. It was a superb performance. Hope to see you back at Pinner soon.
21:08 16-01-2016
Grant Moss
Hi Scott,

Great pleasure to hear you at Ashtead Jazz Club on 15/1/16. Thanks
22:55 15-01-2016
Pete Wickham
Hi Scott,

We had the great pleasure of listening to you, John Pearce, Dave Green and Steve Brown last Wednesday at the Concorde Club. We are privileged to regularly hear some great jazz there but Wednesday's gig was just sublime. We have heard you there over the years and just cannot believe how you are somehow continuously upping your game. Truly memorable; hope to see you next year
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