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02:31 10-07-2016
Bill Rupert
Hi Scott: My wife and I were in the front row on June 30 at Jazzland in Vienna to see you and Dan Barrett. The show was excellent. We really like that room. I know you have played there many times over the years. There is a 2009 YouTube video of your last tune at Jazzland one night. I'm not that familiar with Austrian jazz musicians but the drummer in that video sure looks like the drummer that played with you in June this year. Am I right?
02:26 22-06-2016
John Towriss
I watched a video of Your band performing in a Tokyo, Japan Jazz Festival. Maxine Sullivan performed several of her classic songs. What a long career she had and in my opinion one of the greatest Jazz & Blues female performer. I believe that was her last concert before her death. Also, have seen you perform with Saint Andreu Jazz Band several on video. I know recently have been touring with Andrea Motis & Joan Chamorro. However, Eva Fernabez is still my favorite out of that group of young talent, now into adulthood. I like Eva's versatility & range in her voice and of course her tremdous instrument talent. I would love to see & hear her doing some Maxine Sullivan (In Her Style) material.
14:30 15-06-2016
Peter lester
Hi Scott saw you in Bournemouth a few times with Bernie Farrenden and thank you for the most music over the years.
22:09 10-06-2016
Robert Neff
I was introduced to you (Scott Hamilton0 some years ago while I was In The Netherlands on assignment. You once recorded a magnnificent song called "Mean to Me." Everything concerning that recording was nothing less than breathlessly beautfuly. I have observed you mature into a first-rate musician over the years! This is perhaps a really ignorant question - given that you may have recorded Mean to Me many times; however, I believe this was on the Concord label in the late 1980's. I would really like to know who accompanied you on that recording - the pianist was just great (of course). Thank you for the countless hours of sheer pleasure you have providded - at least to me - over the years!!!
Robert Neff - San Antonio, texas
21:18 29-05-2016
Jan Lindelöf
.... what happened? I was going the write "a tenorsax glowing" and ended up with "what?" I have to buy a new computer ... or learn to write.
Scott. Return soon with your great band!
Jan L
21:11 29-05-2016
Jan Lindelöf
Great, and fun, concert at Huddinge Jazz Festival. One hour+ with a very good band and a tenorsaxphofonist
20:25 25-05-2016
Welcome to Huddinge Jazz on Saturday, in the green Sjodahlsparken in Stockholm, Sweden.
16:58 16-05-2016
Leo Foroni
Hi Scott,
This morning dawned gray and rainy, but had to go to work ... I decided listen jazz on spotify during my way to work and randomly heard "Dear Old Stockholm", which made my wonderful day. Thank you ! (Leo from Brazil)
19:07 15-05-2016
Carl Shields
Hi Scott,
I recently picked up "2" and "Skyscrapers" on (used) vinyl.
I forgot how great vinyl can be. I've been a fan for close to 30 years. Thanks for all the great music. Take Care.
07:55 12-05-2016
Morgane B
Hello dear Scott,
I was volunteer in french jazz night club "la Clef de Voûte" in Lyon where you made concert there in 2012. Since that date, I've listened all your CDs, I have never heard a swing like that, that make me pleasure's crying.... WHEN WILL YOU come back to France?????
00:15 11-05-2016
David S
Papa Jo playing brushes on his NYT at the bar. Vick Dickenson going out to his "Office" on breaks.

Those were great days. Great to see you are still blowing strong and I will never forget the times you jammed at Condons.

Thanks for the memories Young Man.
13:18 28-03-2016
Hello Scott,
In 1986, you were on stage with George Wein & The Newport Jazz Festival All Stars : I can't forget THAT moment !
It took place at "Le Grand Theatre" in LIMOGES, France.
Among others were Warren Vaché, Slam Stewart, Oliver Jackson, Noris Turney, George Wein, and you.
Thanks for the swing !
17:31 23-03-2016
Armand Petrosino
Hi Scott, Caught you multiple times a bunch of years ago when I used to hang with Warren V in Jersey... it took me this long to first hear the Strayhorn Lotus Eaters ballad. I simply tune everything else out when track 11 comes on. Thank you - and stay out there for us all.
13:37 20-03-2016
Bill Hillgrove

In addition to my play-play-duties with the Steelers and Pitt, I am doing a jazz show for WYZR, 88.1, Bethany, WV. It will expand to WZUM, AM 1550 and FM 101.1 later this summer. I fondly recall the Jazz Parties put on by the late Joe Boughton in Meadville and Conneaut Lake. Hope all is well.
02:21 03-03-2016
Tim Hecker
I am a baritone saxophonist from Barrington, RI near your hometown of Providence. Regrettably, I have never had the opportunity to see you play live, but when I was first starting jazz I listened to mainly your playing and I tried to emulate your beautiful style and tone on the bigger horn. What I learned from listening to your recordings has stayed with me in my playing to today, as I prepare to attend university for Jazz Performance. I am not sure you will read this, but I felt it necessary to voice my appreciation and tell you about the huge role you played in my early years of playing.
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