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21:13 13-09-2015
Mike Binsky
Hi Scott,
Still in Baltimore, still presenting concerts. When you come this way, CONTACT ME! Good cats for you to play with here. Been trying to get a phone or email for you. This is best I could do.
Mike Binsky
14:28 08-09-2015
Fritz Byers
Scott - I am the host of Jazz Spectrum, a weekly jazz show broadcast every Saturday from 9pm to midnight on public radio in northwest and west-central Ohio. The show has aired continuously since April 1989. This Saturday, I am featuring your music as a way of saying Happy 61st birthday. If you are able to do so, you can listen online at www.wgte.org/jazz. Also, the playlist for the show will posted on the 12th and it will be there permanently. Thanks for all the great music. Sincerely yours, Fritz Byers, Jazz Spectrum
20:45 06-09-2015
Steven Hartman
Please add your upcoming touring info to your website. I've been a fan for many years and would love to catch you live. A pity that Prez-lineage cool jazz is no longer in fashion in the U.S., or so it seems.
20:39 22-08-2015
Geoffrey Rivis
Hi Scott, I really enjoy your work with Andrea Motis, Joan Chamorro. Thanks. Geoff Rivis
22:02 20-08-2015
Dave Bay
Hi Scott,
I'm not really a jazz fan although I do listen to most genres.
However you blow me away with your very impressive command of your instrument. I love listening to your music and I am in the process of compiling a library of your albums.
When will you be touring London? I will come and see you perform for definite!
Till then keep up the excellent performances.
Kind regards,
Dave Bay.
(Camberley, Surrey, England)
19:27 18-08-2015
Bob Shields
Got to NY about the same time as you, ran The Angry Squire worked at Bradleys, the you sound great in the Jamboree vids with Chamorr ,what do you think of Andrea Motis, Thanks
09:13 13-08-2015
Bill Hillgrove
Hi Scott. Remembering your appearances at the late Joe Boughton's Allegheny Jazz parties. Too bad you didn't shake things up with an "all- Red Prysock evening." LOL. Please alert me as to your appearances. Thanks.
11:41 29-07-2015
Gabor Horvath
Hi Scott, I just wanted to let you know that your tune Autumn Nocturne is wonderful, luckily it is often played on jazzradio.com.
Best regards from your fan: Gabor (Amateur alto sax Player)
20:08 22-07-2015
Bo Eric Weber
Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2015,
Dear Scott Hamilton,
My wife and myself really enjoyed your performance at Sølyst with outstanding Danish and Swedish musicians and even with Norwegian singer, Karin Krog. As my wife told you, our favorite album is 'At Last' with the late Gene Harris and Ray Brown not to mention Herb Elliss and Harold Jones. We listen weekly if not more often to 'You are my sunshine'.
23:28 20-07-2015
Eleazar Do Rego
Mr Hamilton it was a pleasure collecting you from Edinburgh Airport, a gentleman and a fantastic saxophone player, between you and I will not tell your wife that the temp in Edinburgh. It was an honour and a pleasure to have met you, and heard you play WOW.
23:04 10-07-2015
Jerry Zabin
Have listened to you for many years...always enjoy your playing. I started with your album with Warren Vache and I so admire your playing. Please come play in Chicago again soon!!
23:27 05-07-2015
Henk Meeuwisse
Hope to meet you and celebrate your 61st birthday on september 12, 2015 in Harderwijk, the Netherlands, where you will be the main act at the Estrado podium.
19:09 03-07-2015
Art Ritchie
Enjoyed your show in San Francisco a few months ago. I took my son, my daughter and her hubby. Although I have several of your CD's they had heard me play, it was a first live performance by you for all of us to view. I would have brought a couple of grandsons but they were away in college. Best regards, Art Ritchie, San Francisco, Ca.
12:10 23-06-2015
Rod Millgate
Just listened to Besame Mucho from Live in Barcelona. Knockout sound. The band sounds great too. Thanks very much. Do you ever tour in France?
14:43 21-06-2015
Bengt-Ake and Malte
Dear Sir or Madam,

We are two soon superannuated men, best friends for many years.

We love Scott Hamilton lots! Greatest sax musician! It's ”Earcandy”! "Scott Hamilton: Organic Duke" is a masterpiece!

Our greatest wish would be if we possibly could have two autographed pictures of him? Our personal assistant promised to have his pictures framed and placed on our walls in our rooms, for us to enjoy (one for my friend Bengt-Ake, one for me, Malte). We took courage to us to write you. It's not so easy since we're disabled persons. We need help with most daily things. Our lives are truly awkward.
Very humbly we wonder if this could be arranged. We would be so grateful! From the bottom of our hearts!
Both autographs may be sent to: -

Malte Aronsson,
Noleredsvagen 11 D,

Hoping for a soon reply, and thousand thanks in advance for your help.
Two almost discarded guys, but even so, admirers of his,

Bengt-Ake & Malte.
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