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16:12 04-12-2015
kip Wilks
when are you playing in the UK again? years since i saw you in Becon
23:08 21-11-2015
Robert C Berdan
I love your playing Scott, have several of your CDs and lots of Youtube mp3 tracks - you are one of my all time favorite sax players and I never get tired of listening to your horn. I am an amateur sax player and very inspired by your style - need to get back to practicing.
22:16 20-11-2015
Jeff Hopkins
Let us know when you're in Atlanta.
22:46 07-11-2015
Rick Dobrydney
Scott. You have been a fount of musical inspiration for me many , many years. For this I thank you and for being such a great friend. You were a smash at the Side Door , it was an extreme pleasure hanging with you again. Your playing is , as always , superb. The new recordings are absolute gems . Thank you so much .
17:48 07-11-2015
Karolye Cunha
Once again had the immense pleasure of hearing you play at the University Club in Providence RI. An elegant night with your elegant sound.
15:11 06-11-2015
Eli Krantzberg
Hey Scott,

Loved your show at the Sidedoor last night. You sounded fantastic, as always. It was a real pleasure to hear you live again. Last time for me was in 1982 at the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa!
17:07 03-11-2015
Susie Mason Dana
I remember when Jake Hanna first introduce me to you. I've been knocked out ever since. Thank you Jake! ; )
16:26 28-10-2015
Del Akien
Hi Scott,
My wife prefers your playing to Stan Getz. Smoother without those szforzandos screaming through the headphones. Ouch!!! Praise indeed. Love your ballads, and your live performances.
14:22 17-10-2015
Marce Enright
Please let me know when you're coming back to New England?
Marce www.nejazz.com
(friend of Leo Curran).
21:59 11-10-2015
Hans Mathias
I'm a swing/bop player myself and prefer small bands. I have heard all the so called great guys, Colman Hawkings, Ben Webster, Stan Getz. May be except for Stan Getz, I think that Scott is outperforming all the others in style, elegance, the swing feeling and sound. His performances with the Spanish Joan Chamorro group are outstanding (see YouTube).
However, how is it possible to play with an mouth piece opening at 12?
13:02 03-10-2015
Joseph Pfeiffer
I have several of your cds and like them all. Your playing reminds me of Ben Webster and Stan Getz combined. Nothing wrong with that blend. Two great ingredients make for a great combination.
I am listening to serenades and nocturnes streaming and I think I will buy the download.
10:46 30-09-2015
Dave Bay
Hi Scott,
Just to say how much I love the sound of your sax and the total command you have of the instrument. Is such a great pleasure listening to all your music.
Please please do a tour of the U.K. soon so I can come and see you.
From a great admirer...
15:32 22-09-2015
Hi Scott,
I have realy enjoyed your performance in the Lindner Hotel in Antwerp/Belgium with other great belgian jazzman.
Best wishes for your birthday.
Bob Nuytemans
22:16 15-09-2015
Richard Beamish
Hey Hamfat!
Prez and I still talk about the night Roy spent the night. Country ham and red eye gravy!
Much Love,
19:35 15-09-2015
Peter Lester
Hi Scott,

Just to say I have enjoyed your music over the years in the UK and via cd. Maybe if you come over this way again I will have the good fortune to meet up with you, I shall keep looking.

Take Care, Peter
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